Human Resources

Mission Statement - The Human Resources Team partners with the Gila River Indian Community ("GRIC") to attract, select, retain, and develop a diverse employee workforce which delivers exceptional customer service in a safe and productive environment.


As a team, we strive to provide high quality services to GRIC employees thereby ensuring accurate and timely personnel actions with associated personnel, managerial, and administrative resources to ensure that qualified employees fill vacancies in the Community. It is also our objective to ensure that personnel management programs and policies are administered fairly, and equal employment opportunity practices are enforced. Human Resources provides expert personnel policy and procedural guidance to GRIC managerial personnel for various personnel actions and conducts compensation and classification studies to display the competitiveness of GRIC employees with other employers.

The Employee Development Office administers and coordinates the Employee Assistance Program by assisting employees who may have drug/alcohol issues by providing employees referrals through Human Services or through benefits administered through the GRIC Insurance Office. Along with the EAP service, training needs are evaluated for all GRIC employees through a centralized training program and in-house training presentations to ensure that professional, technical and personal needs of employees are addressed.


Insurance coverage for the Community consists of property of all types and sorts, the various types of casualty issues having to do with water and sanitation, law enforcement, social services, employment, child care, education, handling money and the entire operational components of the Community.

Risk Management consists of loss control which includes inspection of buildings, evaluation of programs and their liability exposures, ensuring certificates of insurance are available from vendors and/or construction companies doing business with the Community, ensuring all risks are assessed from hiring procedures to financial controls for fiduciary bonding, and professional liability situations in relation to employer’s liability practices, vehicle usage, maintenance, ensuring emergency response is in place to accommodate any possible liability, and reviewing RFPs and all contracts to ensure limits of liability and loss exposure are minimal.

Employee Benefits consist of health, dental, life, vision, short and long term life insurance. Administering the benefits include claims processing, education and administration of benefits for approximately 1,800 employees of the Community. The Community also includes Tribal Entities in its benefit program.

The Community’s worker's compensation benefit includes other Tribal Entities as well. The administration of benefits includes loss claims trending, safety concerns in loss control, auditing premiums as applicable to the amount of the Community’s payroll, and making sure departments and programs are trained in how to handle workers' compensation claims.


The Office of Safety & Health ("OSH") is responsible for all workplace safety and health concerns in the Gila River Indian Community; this includes industrial, retail, mining, agriculture, office, recreation, and construction activities for GRIC employees, corporations, contractors, and tenant businesses. OSH is tasked with reducing or minimizing factors in the work environment which may have an adverse impact on health, safety, and well being and to prevent accidental workplace deaths and injuries at GRIC.

OSH conducts inspections, program planning, injury and illness surveillance, monitoring, community/industrial education and training, regulation enforcement, consultations, regulation and policy promulgation, documentation and record keeping.

Contact Information:

Human Resources

Name: TeriLynne Kisto, Human Resources Director
Address: P.O. Box 97
Sacaton, AZ 85247
Phone: (520) 562-9800
Fax: (520) 562-9809
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Insurance Office

Name: Christine Murphy, Acting Insurance Manager
Address: P.O. Box 97
Sacaton, AZ 85247
Phone: (520) 562-9520
Fax: (520) 562-9529
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Occupational Safety & Health Office

Name: Randall Lange, Senior Occupational Safety Officer
Address: P.O. Box 147
Sacaton, AZ 85247
Phone: (520) 562-9800
Fax: (520) 562-5197
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