District 1: Blackwater

15747 N. Shegoi Road

Blackwater, Arizona

Telephone: (520) 215-2110
Fax: (520) 215-2119


District 1 is the second smallest and most Eastern district. It is named Shuckma hudag or Uhs-Kehk, which translates to “Blackwater” and “Stick Stand.” It is roughly 50 square miles in area and is home to approximately 1,000 residents. The Eastern boundary off District 1 is adjacent to the town of Florence, Arizona, while the Southern boundary is adjacent to the city of Coolidge. To the North are the Johnson Ranch and Santan Heights communities. Just southeast, beyond the district’s boundaries, is the historic Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. 


The Casa Grande Ruins are federally protected and personally tied to the Pima people of the Gila River Indian Community. The structure was built by the Hohokam (“those who have gone”) people, who maintained a sophisticated irrigation system for hundreds of years until periods of low water caused most of the community to disperse. Those who stayed are the ancestors of the present day Pima and Papago Indians. The Ruins have become a popular tourist attraction with nearly 100,000 visitors annualy.


Council Representatives:


Duane Jackson, Jr.

Joey Whitman