District 4: Santan

District #4 Service Center

P.O. Box 557

Sacaton, AZ 85247

Telephone: (520) 418-3661 / (520) 418-3228

Fax: (520) 418-3665


District 4, also known as the Santan District, is large and unique in that it is comprised of eight distinct villages:Olberg, Santan (Upper and Lower), Stotonic, Chandler Heights, Gila Butte, Goodyear, and East Lone Butte Village.


The Santan mountain range played a role in the history of  District 4 as do many other aspects of the land that surround the community. The mountain range tells a story that connects the people with the land, not only as a striking landmark but also through stories that are passed down from the elders of how the mountains infl uenced and shaped the people of this part of the Gila River Indian Community. The District is 119 square miles and has seen the most industrial growth of any of the districts.

District 4 boundaries contain an array of world-class sports and recreation venues, as well as a host of tribal, commercial, agricultural businesses that are owned and operated by the Community.


Council Representatives:


Jennifer Allison

Pamela Johnson

Delmar Jones