District 3: Sacaton

P.O. Box 546

Sacaton, AZ 85247
Telephone: (520) 562-2700
Fax: (520) 562-3435


District 3 was named after the famous giant Sacaton grass that once grew in this valley and, like the vigorous growing grass, the village of Sacaton has grown as well with new buildings such as a beautiful dialysis center.


In the O’odham language, Sacaton is known as Ge e Ke or “Big House,” which is largely because of its historical importance to the community as the unofficial capital of the Community. Though it is one of the smaller districts approximately 39 square miles in size it has always been the center of commerce and government activity for the tribe.


Today, the Tribal government continues to thrive and operate in the new Governance building, which houses most of the tribal departments and serves as the meeting place for tribal council and government officials. History, tradition, pride, and community are strong themes in District 3. The community as a whole is proud of its people and accomplishments, but is also proud to share goodwill and a strong sense of community with its neighbors.


Council Representatives:


Rodney Jackson

Avery White