Lt. Governor Regina Antone



Regina Antone, was born and raised on the Gila River Indian Community, District 4, with a family lineage in District 5. She is honored and humbled to serve the people of this Community, as the Lieutenant Governor.


Her father is the former Gila River Indian Community Governor Donald Antone Sr., her mother is Betty Enos from District 5, and her supportive stepmother is Sonja Antone from District 3.  


Antone comes from a large family and has three children: Jason Pratt, Star Johnson and Cheyenne Gurrola, along with 11 amazing grandchildren and 6 brothers and sisters, (an additional 3 brothers that have passed, but still in our hearts).


The Gila River Indian Community has given her the opportunity to be able to walk in two worlds; She pursued her education in the medical field, receiving her Associate’s degree in Radiology & Ultrasound science. This allowed her to help others when needed, by being able to work with many other Native Tribes and hospitals in other states for 27 years. Which includes our own Gila River Healthcare. She became a 3D/4D ultrasound specialist working in the surgerical and emergency rooms, while providing on-call services to tribal communities and surrounding areas, including local hospitals and doctors offices.


She understands the struggles of being a hard working mother and attending college fulltime. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science & Counseling, and continued to obtain her Master’s degree in Business Administration. She is also seeking to someday receive her Doctoral degree and continues to volunteer with the Community and church events.


With over 39 years of professional experience in working for the following areas; The Healthcare industry, Employment & Training department, Program Manager for the Tribal Wellness Center, Deputy Director for Community Services Department, Deputy Director for Department of Community Housing, and as the District 4 Council Representative for the Gila River Indian Community.


Antone has always worked with people in all areas, from the beginning of life to the end.

This has allowed her to be able to work side by side with the people, to hear and see experiences first-hand, and to know what the needs are for the Community. She looks forward to continuing to work with the people, the Community Council, and Governor Lewis, to create a strong working team for the future growth of the Gila River Indian Community.


Lieutenant Governor Regina Antone is a strategic planner with innovative concepts, and her outside of the box thinking provides the implementation of new ideas. By bringing together her connection with the people, the strong leadership of our ancestor’s foresight, including the past and current leaders, she looks to move us forward to create a strong and solid foundation of Community and Economic development for our generations to come.  We will Remain..


Phone: (520) 562-9840 or (520) 562 9841